Our consultancy has been operating for more than twenty years (previously Jamison & Craig Consultants) covering an extensive range of projects, ranging from municipal / semi government sector works to private sector development projects, including;

·         Road, drainage & recreational infrastructure design work for semi and local government.

·         Multi staged residential & commercial land developments, including design and construction surveillance.

·         Minor and major drainage projects, for either flood mitigation schemes to unit / commercial / industrial developments.

·         Drainage, sewerage, watermain extension projects in compliance with retail water company requirements, involving, design, project management and certification.

·         Reporting; Land development feasibility reports, Drainage Strategy reports.


We have a fully implemented and certified quality assurance system, together with procedures certified to ISO 9001-2002.

Craig Civil Design is an accredited consultant servicing authorities and agencies including VicRoads, Melbourne Water and the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (South East Water, City West Water & Yarra Valley Water) and various regional Water Companies

As hands on practitioners, we are able to provide our clients with an economical and responsive service.


We operate from an office in Cranbourne with a proficient team comprising of civil design & construction engineers supported by drafting & administration staff. Additional contract specialist engineers (Structural, Electrical, Telecommunications, etc.) will be commissioned if required. We are located in close proximity to Licensed Surveyors for whom we provide mutual support.



Stormwater Victoria 2013 Excellence Awards Winner



Craig Civil Design's 2013 award for excellence for the Jackson’s View Retarding Basin and Wetland System in Drouin.